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  • DIY Light Switch Cover Makeover


  • DIY Light Switch Cover Makeover

    July 26, 2018

    If you have kids at home this summer and you are looking for a cure to the mid-summer slump, or if you want to make some design upgrades in your home without breaking the bank, updating your light switch covers can make a great project.

    At Buzz Electrical, we are always glad to provide customers with cosmetic upgrades for the electrical appliances in their homes. But we are also happy to share upgrades that you can do all by yourself. Keep the kids busy with washi tape, Mod Podge, or paint and let yourself get a little bit creative! Here are our ideas for a DIY Light Switch Cover Makeover.

    1. Washi Tape

    Washi tape is similar to masking tape, but it comes in a wide variety of colors and patterns. You can completely cover the surface of your light switch cover with strips of tape, or arrange a couple of strips in an artistic pattern. One of the biggest advantages to decorating with washi tape is that it can be removed easily. If you change your mind about your design, or if you live in rental property and need to return your light switch covers to their original color when you move out, simply peel off the tape!

    2. Fabric

    Pick out some fabric in your favorite color or pattern and cut out a rectangle slightly larger than the size of your light switch cover. Leave yourself at least a ½ inch on each side so that you can wrap it underneath the front of the cover. Attach with some fabric glue on the front and sides, taking care to tuck each edge and corner under the plate. Poke holes in the fabric for the screws, or drill the screws through when you reattach the light switch cover to the wall.

    3. Paint

    Even if you don’t trust yourself with a paint brush, you can still achieve a pop of color on your light switch covers by spray painting them. If you do like to paint, the possibilities are endless! Add polka dots, flowers, words, favorite characters, or anything else your heart desires. If you are having trouble adding detail, try switching to a paint pen for parts of your design.

    4. Mod Podge

    If you want something a little more interesting than one solid color, but you aren’t so handy with a paintbrush, Mod Podge and paper are your new best friends. Pick your favorite paper: scrapbook patterns, sheet music, book pages, old maps, or anything else you want. Cut a rectangle that is ½ inch bigger than your light switch cover on every side. Cut out a space for your light switch with an X-ACTO knife, and use a hole punch for the screws. Coat the light switch cover in Mod Podge and stick your paper in place. Tuck the edges and corners underneath. Voila! You have a brand new customized light switch cover.

    We hope these DIY light switch cover makeover ideas help you get in the creative spirit! If you want to make any major upgrades to your light fixtures or other electrical appliances, give us a call at Buzz Electrical.

    Family-owned and operated Buzz Electrical is Fayetteville’s leading electrical company! If you are interested in upgrading the light fixtures in your home, we are here to help. Give us a call at (479) 267-2899.