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  • Electrical Outlets & Switches


  • Fayetteville’s Leading Electrical Experts Have Your Outlets and Switches Covered!

    Buzz Electrical proudly offers complete repair, replacement, and installation services for your outlets and switches. We service both commercial and residential properties, and there’s no outlet or switch request we can’t handle!

    Our technicians are licensed, bonded, insured, background-checked, and drug tested for your safety and comfort. We arrive under your schedule and offer a courtesy call before and after service for maximum customer satisfaction. With our red-carpet treatment, your property is left cleaner than we found it! All pricing is upfront with no hidden fees. We also offer a money back guarantee and options for financing! Contact Buzz Electrical for all your outlet and switch needs!

    Outlet Installation

    Buzz Electrical has the high-tech tools and dedicated professionals to handle outlet installations for your home or business. We give you the ability to extend the number of outlets on your property, as well as introduce newer variants such as USB outlets or smart outlets.

    If you would like to replace or upgrade your existing outlets, we can do that too! We recommend upgrading your outlets to GFCI.

    GFCI Safety Outlets

    GFCIs (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters) are a type of electrical outlet that protects against shock. They possess a defense mechanism which acts as a circuit breaker. When unstable electricity is detected, the GFCI shuts off power to lessen the severity of shock. Short circuits and ground faults are what can trigger a GFCI.

    GFCIs are required by the NEC (National Electric Code) to be in both residential properties. More specifically, they should be in every bathroom and kitchen. GFCIs are easily identified by the two buttons located between their two plugs.

    It is important you identify and maintain your GFCIs. It is also recommended you upgrade regular outlets to GFCI, especially outlets close to water. If you would like to service your GFCIs, or install new GFCIs, contact Buzz Electrical today!

    Surge Protection

    During a blackout, your electrical system may be at risk of a power surge. Power surges are sometimes a massive spike in electrical current, which can damage plugged-in appliances and even the outlet itself. Power surges can happen when power is restored after a blackout. Smaller surges can happen simply by using everyday appliances.

    To protect against power surges, contact Buzz Electrical for our surge protection services! We offer whole surge protection to help protect your electrical system!

    Repair & Replacement

    If your outlet or switch is malfunctioning, Buzz Electrical is there to repair! We offer repairs for all outlets and switches, helping to resolve issues before they become too severe. Repairs are made timely and cost-effective, and the service is performed by your direct approval.

    If your outlet or switch has met the end of its lifespan, or you would like to schedule an upgrade, contact Buzz Electrical to schedule a replacement!

    For all repair, replacement, and installation services for outlets and switches, contact Buzz Electrical at 479-267-2899!