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  • Smoke Detector Services


  • Professional Smoke Detector Services in Fayetteville

    Smoke detectors are an invaluable safety measure in your home or business. And with Buzz Electrical by your side, we’ll be able to ensure they stay functioning! We service smoke detectors in residential properties. Our technicians have the high-tech tools and sound dedication to install, repair, and maintain smoke detectors on your property.

    When you schedule with Buzz Electrical to service your smoke detectors, you can expect technicians who are friendly, honest, and professional. Each technician is licensed, bonded, insured, background checked, and drug tested to ensure safety and quality. With our red-carpet treatment, your property is left cleaner than we found it!

    We offer upfront pricing, so you don’t have to worry about hidden fees. We also offer a money-back guarantee and options for financing!

    We offer same-day service and provide a courtesy call before and after service. Our call center is live and always ready to take your concerns! Contact Buzz Electrical for smoke detector services you can depend on!

    Smoke Detector NEC Requirements in Homes

    Smoke detectors are required by the NEC (National Electric Code) to be placed in your home. The guidelines state they must be at specific locations in a residential property. Below are the NEC guidelines for smoke detectors in homes:

    • Smoke detectors should be in every sleeping room/bedroom.
    • Smoke detectors should be right outside every sleeping room/bedroom.
    • Smoke detectors should be in every floor of a home.
    • Smoke detectors should be at least 10 feet away from kitchens and major cooking appliances.

    Failing to meet the NEC requirements for smoke detectors can cause your home to fail an electrical inspection. This also poses a safety risk in the case of an electrical fire or smoke damage. Contact Buzz Electrical to have an expert assess your smoke detectors!

    Testing Your Smoke Detectors Once a Month

    Be sure your smoke detectors are working properly by testing them once a month. To test them, first alert everyone in the home or building you will be sounding the alarm. Then, have someone stand in another area of the property as far away as possible from the smoke detector.

    After, simply press and hold down the “Test” button located on the detector. After a few seconds, you should hear the alarm go off. If the sound is loud and can be heard by the other person, the alarm is working properly. If not, change the battery. If that does not solve the problem, contact Buzz Electrical for further consultation.

    For complete smoke detector services for residential properties, contact Buzz Electrical at 479-267-2899!