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  • Standby Generators Installed by Professionals in Fayetteville

    Standby generators provide the necessary backup power in the case of an outage or blackout. They are used to provide safety and comfort during the unconventional case of a storm, downed power-line, failed power-grid, or a combination of the three.

    You may not always know when a blackout will happen, so it’s important to be prepared by having a standby generator. And when you need generator installation, repair, or maintenance services, Buzz Electrical has got you covered!

    Buzz Electrical proudly offers complete generator services for residential properties. We help ensure your generator is operating at peak performance and is ready to take the reins during an unfortunate situation.

    When you schedule generator services with Buzz Electrical, you can expect technicians who are friendly, honest, and professional. Each technician is licensed, bonded, insured, background checked, and drug tested to ensure safety and quality. With our red-carpet treatment, your property is left cleaner than we found it!

    You don’t have to worry about hidden fees because we offer upfront pricing on all services. We also offer a money-back guarantee and options for financing!

    We operate a live call center and are always ready to take your concerns and send a technician out the same day! We also offer a courtesy call before and after services.  Contact Buzz Electrical for generator services you can depend on!

    Benefits of a Standby Generator

    Standby generators are a type of generator that is attached to your home or business. They automatically deliver power when your electrical system shuts off. Standby generators act as a safety net in the case of an outage and can be installed in your home or business by the experts at Buzz Electrical. Here are some benefits of a standby generator:

    • Quickly Restores Power During a Blackout
    • Gives You a Chance to Save Unfinished Work/Safely Shut Down Computers
    • Allows Operation of Heating and Cooling During a Blackout
    • Gives Extra Planning Time
    • Can Be Refueled for Longer Power Duration
    • Helps to Prevent Power Surges and Voltage Fluctuations

    When you are ready to install a standby generator in your property, contact Buzz Electrical today!

    For complete generator services for residential properties, contact Buzz Electrical at 479-267-2899!