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  • Service Panels & Circuit Breakers


  • Fayetteville’s Leading Panel and Circuit Breaker Experts!

    Service panels and circuit breakers are the main controls of your property’s electrical system. They decide where electrical currents are distributed and give you the ability to shut off circuits via the breakers. The circuit breakers also have the ability known as tripping in which they automatically shut off power when electricity on a circuit is deemed unstable. These essential functions mean maintaining panels and circuit breakers are a must. Contact Buzz Electrical for complete panel and circuit breaker services for residential properties!


    When your panel or circuit breaker reaches the end of its lifespan, you’ll want to act immediately and schedule a replacement with Buzz Electrical. Panels and circuit breakers must be fully functioning, as they distribute power through your electrical system. There are certain signs that indicate a replacement, and you should keep these in mind as you maintain your electrical system:

    • Circuit Breakers Tripping Frequently
    • Panel or Circuit Breakers have Noticeable Damages
    • Your Panel has Fuses Instead of Circuit Breakers
    • Your Property is Older than 25 Years Old


    If your service panel needs to be replaced, simply reinstalling the same model may not be beneficial. A service panel upgrade may be necessary. Contact Buzz Electrical to have trusted professionals upgrade your service panel at an affordable cost!

    Meter Panel Boxes

    Electric meters measure your property’s electricity usage and are required by utility companies to calculate your utility bill. Although they can be installed by themselves, Buzz Electrical recommends upgrading your service panel to a meter panel box. This avoids the extra installation step and helps modernize your electrical system! Contact Buzz Electrical to upgrade, install, and service meter panel boxes for your property!

    200 Amp Service Panel Upgrade

    Depending on your usage, regular 150-amp electrical panels may not do the job, and a 200-amp service panel upgrade may be in order. This is especially true if you plan on remodeling your home or business. 200-amp service panels can also be required if you’re wanting to purchase new appliances or equipment, both of which draw more power. As soon as the need arises, you’ll want to contact Buzz Electrical for complete installation services! We completely assess your property and ensure your new 200-amp service panel is installed both efficiently and safely.

    For complete panel and circuit breaker services, contact Buzz Electrical at 479-267-2899!