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  • Electrical Circuits & Rewiring


  • Fayetteville’s Leading Circuit and Rewiring Experts!

    Maintaining circuits and wiring is important for your home or business. Electrical systems utilize circuits and wiring to transport electricity, and these components must be able to adequately handle currents. These paths for currents are how your property receives power, and with Buzz Electrical by your side, we help ensure they are at full function.

    Buzz Electrical offers quality circuit and rewiring services for your home or business. We possess the capabilities to fully rewire your property, as well as installing new wire for new outlets. Your property deserves the best – and we deliver maximum customer satisfaction! Each technician is licensed, bonded, insured, background-checked, and drug tested to ensure safety and quality for your property. With our red carpet treatment, your property is left cleaner than we found it! All pricing is upfront with no hidden fees. We also offer a money back guarantee and options for financing!

    Knowing when to rewire your electrical system can be difficult at first. But there are certain signs that indicate an upgrade might be needed. Keep these signs in mind as you maintain your electrical system.

    Signs You Need New Wiring

    • Frequent Tripped Circuit Breakers
    • Flickering Lights
    • Outlets and Switches are Hot to the Touch
    • Outlet and Switches Emit Sparks
    • Outlets and Switches Have Burn Marks or a Burning Smell
    • Overuse of Extension Cords/Not Enough Outlets in Your Home
    • Wiring is Over 25 Years Old

    Short Circuits, Electrical Overloads, and Ground Faults

    Insufficient wiring and circuits can be dangerous. There are three electrical accidents that can happen if electrical currents are on an unstable path due to bad wiring. They are the short circuit, ground fault, and electrical overload.

    Short circuits are when electricity travels on a path that has little resistance. When a short circuit happens, currents reach dangerous levels, and can cause sparks, shock, or even an electrical fire. Short circuits are commonly caused by frayed wire, loose connections, or faulty appliances.

    Ground faults are when a current travels through a ground instead of its intended path. This can lead to shock and a possible electrical fire if enough conductive material is nearby. Ground faults can be caused by worn insulation, faulty wiring, or contact with water.

    Electrical overloads happen when a circuit cannot handle the electrical currents. This can trip a circuit breaker and possibly damage your appliances or outlet. Electrical overloads can be caused by overusing extension cords, connecting too many appliances to an outlet, or insufficient wiring.

    Are you in need of wiring and circuit services for your business or home? Give Buzz Electrical a call at 479-267-2899 to schedule an appointment today!