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    Buzz Electrical’s Safety and Savings Plan™ Membership Program

    Buzz Electrical’s Safety and Savings Plan™ is an electrical maintenance program designed to protect and maintain your electrical system year-round and at an affordable cost! Our high-quality maintenance program gives your electrical system that special treatment without taking a chunk out of your wallet.

    Sign up for our Safety and Savings Plan™, which offers extended warranties, exclusive deals, added safety, and much more! For homeowners looking to give their electrical system exclusive treatment, sign up for Buzz Electrical’s Safety and Savings Plan™ today!

    The Benefits of Our Safety and Savings Plan™

    When you sign up for our Safety and Savings Plan™, you are eligible for many different substantial benefits. These benefits not only maintain your electrical system to the highest degree, but also help improve the quality of your home. Let’s dive into the benefits of our Safety and Savings Plan™, which are available as long as you’re a member:

    Lifetime Warranty on Installations – All parts and equipment installed by Buzz Electrical receive a lifetime warranty during your membership. If any installed part or equipment in your home breaks down or malfunctions, Buzz Electrical fixes the issue at no extra cost! (Cosmetic changes and upgrades are not included.)

    Double Warranty on All Repairs – Buzz Electrical’s usual repair warranty lasts one year. But when you’re a Safety and Savings Plan™ member, you receive double that! Members receive a three-year warranty on all repairs as well as no service fee!

    Top-Of-The-Line Service – As a Safety and Savings Plan™ member, you are our top priority! When you contact Buzz Electrical, your request goes to the front of the line and allows a technician to service you on the same day.

    Big Discounts on Service – Members receive a 10% discount on all products and services that are required to bring your home up to minimum standards of local code and the NFPA. This makes electrical safety easier to achieve!

    Exclusive Specials – Safety and Savings Plan™ members get access to exclusive deals and offers regularly! These specials are only available to existing members.

    No Service Fee – We waive all service fees for existing members. Enjoy huge savings every time you call Buzz Electrical!

    Service Satisfaction Guarantee – Safety and Savings Plan™ members receive special treatment with our service satisfaction guarantee. No job is complete unless you’re satisfied!

    Electrical Safety Inspection – Our program offers an electrical safety inspection the day you sign up and every 11 months that you’re a member. This ensures code compliance, electrical safety, and a well-functioning electrical system for years to come!

    Boost in Home Value – If you plan on selling your home, you can transfer your Safety and Savings Plan™ along with it! This helps boost the value of your home and can be used as a major selling point! You can also bring your membership with you, provided you are still in our service area.

    Ready to sign up for our Safety and Savings Plan™? Contact Buzz Electrical today at 479-267-2899 to get started with our electrical maintenance program!