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  • Electrical Code Compliance


  • Buzz Electrical Ensures Electrical Code Compliance through Electrical Inspections

    Electrical code compliance may not always be at the top of your priority list – but it is for Buzz Electrical! We want every property owner to have proper compliance to electrical code. To achieve this, you’ll need to schedule an electrical inspection with Buzz Electrical once a year! Doing so adds safety and value to your property.

    Our technicians ensure your electrical system is up-to-date on all regulations and no violations are present. Checking electrical code compliance also helps to identify and resolve any issues before they become too severe. Schedule your next electrical inspection with Buzz Electrical!

    When you schedule an electrical code compliance inspection with Buzz Electrical, you can expect technicians who are friendly, honest, and professional. Each technician is licensed, bonded, insured, background checked, and drug tested to thoroughly inspect your electrical system.

    We present you a full analysis of your electrical system and offer cost-effective options in the case of an issue! All pricing is upfront, and hidden fees are non-existent. All services are performed at your approval and under your schedule.

    We operate a live call center and are ready to take your concerns. Before and after providing you with same-day service, we give you a courtesy call to ensure that we understand your needs and that the job was performed to your satisfaction. Contact Buzz Electrical for your next electrical code compliance inspection!

    DIY Electrical System Inspection Tips

    Maintaining your electrical system is important. Although we recommend having your system inspected by a Buzz Electrical technician, there are a few tips you can do yourself! Below are some DIY electrical maintenance inspection tips for your home or business.

    • Use a small device to test if each outlet in your property is working properly.
    • Turn every light switch on and off to see if they’re working.
    • Check if your kitchen and bathrooms have a GFCI outlet.
    • Test your GFCIs. Press the “Reset” button located on the outlet and plug in a small device. After which, press the “Test” button. If the device shuts off, then the GFCI is working properly. Press the “Reset” button to return it to normal.
    • Test your smoke detectors. Have someone stand in an area of the property far away from the smoke detector. Press and hold down the “Test” button located on the smoke detector. After a few seconds, the alarm should go off. If the alarm can be heard from the person far away, the smoke detector is working properly. If not, replace the battery and try again.

    Contact Buzz Electrical for your next electrical code compliance and safety inspection. Give us a call at 479-267-2899 to speak with your trusted electrical professionals!