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  • Getting Rid of Old Electronics Responsibly in 2019


  • Getting Rid of Old Electronics Responsibly in 2019

    January 3, 2019

    Getting rid of old electronics responsibly benefits everyone.

    Each year our electronic use rises as we innovate and upgrade our technology. Next thing you know, there are 4 computers, 5 cell phones, and 3 stereos in your house gathering dust. But simply throwing away your old electronics is not the solution. Did you know that chemicals in your favorite electronic devices can leak out from landfills and pollute the earth, ocean, and air?

    Reduce E-waste as one your New Year’s Resolutions in 2019! Our team at Buzz Electrical has 3 tips for getting rid of old electronics responsibly.

    1. Trade-In

    Did you know that you can sell your old tech to companies like Amazon? Other retailers who offer this sweet deal include Best Buy, Target, BuyBackWorld, and Gazelle.

    Turn your old tech into profit by trading it in for a gift card or putting it towards your newer device. You save money, and you help save the planet. Win-win.

    2. Donate

    If you tech is too old for trade-in value, consider donating it. The best way to get rid of old electronics is to repurpose them. There are thousands of families who can’t afford the fanciest new phone or laptop on the market. Having free or affordable technology would be life-changing for them.

    Goodwill has a long list of electronics their stores can accept as donations, including computers, DVD players, stereos, remote controls, and more. You can use this locator to find the closest donation center and drop off all of your unwanted electronics.

    3. Recycle

    Some of your technology might be so broken that no one would want it anymore. But even shattered screens and severed cords are still unsafe for the environment and do not belong in landfills.

    In order to recycle your technology, you need to bring it to an e-waste collection center or regional solid waste management district in your area. You can find e-waste collection centers all over Arkansas on this map. You can find solid waste management on this map. At these facilities, professionals will dispose of unsalvageable electronics in a way that protects the environment.

    Our Buzz Electrical team is located in Washington County, so we have three options for e-waste recycling at these locations.  Our regional solid waste management district is located here.

    To recycle cell phones and batteries specifically, check out charities like Call2Recycle. Simply enter your zip code into this locator and it will suggest drop-off locations near you.

    Getting rid of old electronics responsibly benefits everyone.

    If we all do our part to keep chemicals like lead and mercury out of landfills, we will all benefit from a cleaner earth. If you have a pile of unused electronics sitting around at your house, make a new year’s resolution to sell them, donate them, or recycle them this year.

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