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  • How to Teach Your Kids Electrical Safety


  • How to Teach Your Kids Electrical Safety

    January 24, 2019

    It’s pretty easy to steer clear of dangerous electrical equipment as an adult. It feels like common sense to us that you shouldn’t touch electrical outlets or exposed wires. But young kids who are still learning about the world around them often have curious little hands.

    Teaching children about electrical safety is essential. If you introduce them to concepts about electricity early on, you can keep them away from danger in the future.

    Here are some tips on how to teach your kids electrical safety from our team at Buzz Electrical.

    Electrical Safety Rules for Kids

    Understanding electrical safety should be an ongoing conversation with your kids, but it helps to have some hard and fast rules too. Here are our top eight electrical safety rules for kids.

    1. Never put fingers or objects into an outlet.
    2. Don’t use too many plugs in one outlet. If you need to plug in 3 or more things, use a power strip.
    3. Don’t yank electrical cords out of outlets.
    4. Don’t use damaged electrical cords.
    5. Keep ALL electronics away from water. This includes the bathroom, the kitchen, the yard hose, and the pool.
    6. Don’t climb trees or fly kites near power lines.
    7. Don’t touch transformer boxes.
    8. Ask a grownup for help if you need to use electronics.

    Electrical Safety Resources for Kids

    Learning about electrical safety can be fun! You can use books, videos, and even science experiments to help your kids understand electricity better.

    • This video teaches kids the “top five to keep you alive.” These are some great tips for kids to know while they play indoors and outdoors.
    • This video series from The Electrical Safety Foundation International uses a friendly cartoon plug to teach kids tips for electronics, fire hazards, and more.
    • These science experiments are fun projects you can easily do at home with your kids. Grab some supplies you already have around the house and teach your kids how electricity works. The more they understand about how electricity powers your home, the safer they will be.

    How to Teach Your Kids Electrical Safety

    The most important aspect to electrical safety for kids is communication. If you talk to your kids about how dangerous electricity can be, they won’t have to learn the hard way.

    Teach your kids to memorize key rules for electrical safety and encourage them to learn more about electricity in general. Watching educational videos or doing fun science experiments together as a family are both great ways to remind kids that electricity is powerful but dangerous.

    We hope these rules and resources help parents everywhere keep their children safe. If you need any electrical repairs, replacements, upgrades, or inspections in Fayetteville, AR, give us a call at Buzz Electrical.

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