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  • Tips for Home Security Upgrades


  • Tips for Home Security Upgrades

    March 15, 2019

    We all know that the fun part of making your house a home is decorating it – but how much thought have you put into protecting it? A burglary takes place about every 18 seconds on average in the U.S., yielding a total of 200 per hour and 4,800 every day.

    Are you looking for ways to step up your home security game? The experts at Buzz Electrical are here to share our tips for home security upgrades that will protect your home and let you and your loved ones get back to the fun things in life.

    Secure Your Doors

    • Install a Deadbolt:

    Make sure you have a grade 1 or grade 2 dead-bolt lock that enters the door fame. These can be purchased at big-box home stores. The strike plate – the piece that the bolt enters – must be heavy duty solid metal or brass with six 3-inch-long screws that penetrate the door jam and frame.

    •  Upgrade to Smart Locks:

    Get rid of your “hide-a-key” and install a smart door lock that can be unlocked with a key as well as a unique user code. Take care to only share this code with family and trusted friends.

    •  Install Wireless Security Cameras That Sync to Your Smart Device:

    This is a great way to track activity around your home while you are away. There are many different options for wireless home security cameras that can be installed outside your home and synced to your smart device. With motion sensors, these security cameras can notify you of movement detected on your property through an app on your phone. Then you can watch the video footage.

    •  Install a Doorbell Video Camera:

    These allow you to view who is at your door without having to open it. Additionally, it can capture video footage of wood-be burglars, package thieves, or suspicious visitors on your property. Furthermore, you can even talk to them over the intercom, whether you are home or away.

     Secure Your Windows

    • Install Window Sensors:

    If a break-in occurs through a window in your home, these sensors will sound a home alarm, either by emitting a loud siren to trigger your security system or by sending you an alert on your smart phone. There are many different options on the market with varying functions and prices. 

    • Install Glass-Break Detectors:

    Like a window sensor, glass-break detectors alert you to break-ins through windows or to property damage that involves broken glass.

    Secure Your Garage Door

    • Invest in a Smart Garage Door Opener

    We have all been guilty of forgetting to close our garage door. Consequently, many home invasions occur with the help of an open garage that leads to an unlocked door. Eliminate this problem by upgrading to a smart garage door opener. With this upgrade, you will be able to check the status of your garage door remotely from an app on your smart device.

     Upgrade Your Outdoor Lighting

    •  Install motion sensor lighting:

    If you have seen “Home Alone” you know that sometimes setting a timer on your lights is not enough to outsmart determined intruders. Motion-sensing lights will stop intruders dead in their tracks and can alert you to suspicious activity on your property.

     Have these tips for home security upgrades inspired you to make some changes to your home? We are here to help you with the next steps! For sound advice and professional service regarding any of your electrical needs, contact the experts at Buzz Electrical today!