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  • 5 Benefits of Pool Lighting


  • 5 Benefits of Pool Lighting

    June 21, 2019

    Benefits of Pool Lighting

    It’s summertime, and your pool is quickly becoming the hot spot for family and friends to hang out, celebrate, and spend long summer afternoons. Pool lighting is the key to creating a safe and entertaining environment right in your backyard.

    The expert electricians at Buzz Electrical have assembled this guide on why you should consider updating or installing pool lighting. If you are looking for ways to make your pool more safe and fun for family and friends, read on!

    1. Set the mood.

    Nowadays, LED lights are used in most pools. These advanced bulbs enable users to change the color of their pool lights. Relaxing night swims can be complemented by violet lights, Fourth of July parties can be enhanced with festive red lights, and family celebrations emphasized with a rotating rainbow of color.

    An electrician can install the latest and greatest in pool lighting so you can set the mood for any activity.

    2. Increase safety for swimmers.

    No matter how old or how experienced those using your pool are, swimming in darkness puts everyone at high risk of injury. Pool lighting illuminates walls, shelves, stairs, and other swimmers, making your pool a safer environment. Without pool lighting, head injuries and broken bones are likely to occur.

    3. Use your pool for more hours of the day!

    If you stare out at your pool in the winter and feel the sting of a huge investment going un-used, you’re not alone. Pools are expensive, and every pool owner wants to get the maximum use possible out of theirs.

    Pool lights enable you to use your pool for more hours every day. Instead of hopping out at sundown, with proper lighting, you can keep swimming for hours into the night.

    4. Enhance your pool’s appearance.

    Pools are a great selling point for your home. Updated lighting in your pool will highlight special features like waterfalls, stairs, bubbles, fountains, and Baja shelves. These are your pool’s best angles and will help sell your home to potential buyers. Lighting helps buyers envision their family and friends spending summer nights relaxing in the open air.

    5. Add a low-maintenance update to your pool.

    Pool lights require almost no maintenance. LED pool lights have a lifespan of 1,000 hours, or about 25 years of use. So, bulb replacement is the only maintenance task most pool owners will ever encounter, and very infrequently at that.

    Given the huge aesthetic improvements that pool lighting provides, it is one of the most cost-effective updates you can make to your pool.

    Want to take advantage of the benefits of pool lighting? Call Buzz Electrical today!

    Pool lighting entails water and electricity: two things that should only be combined by a professional electrician. If you want to update or install pool lighting, contact Buzz Electrical today! Our fully licensed and experienced technicians serve Northwest Arkansas 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call 479-267-2899 or visit our website to schedule service.