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  • The Best New Tech for Your Home Office


  • The Best New Tech for Your Home Office

    August 30, 2019

    The Best New Tech for Your Home Office

    If you work from home, you already understand how important it is to have a designated space available for focused productivity. But even if you already have the essentials like your laptop and desk, you might be missing out on some of the latest gadgets that can help your workday run smoothly.

    Here is a list of the best new tech for your home office from our team at Buzz Electrical.

    1. Tidy up with a desk organizer and charging dock.

    Imagine if the same tool could declutter your desk, charge your phone, and read your memory card. This iDesk Organizer can!

    The shelf has designated space for your pens, business cards, post-it notes, and smart phone. It also has three USB ports, a card reader, and a letter opener. It is lightweight and wide enough for you to slide a keyboard underneath. It’s the perfect tool for finding everything you need and charging your gadgets simultaneously.

    2. Get things done faster with voice command.

    Using voice command speakers like the Amazon Echo or the Google Home is like having your own personal assistant on hand.

    You can tell Alexa (or Google) to search for information on the web, call a coworker, order supplies, or play music. You can also sync up your smart speaker with other smart home devices, like outlets that will turn power on and off on command. Allowing your voice to take care of these smaller tasks for you frees up your time and focus to get more work finished faster.

    3. Block out distractions with quality headphones.

    If you have noisy pets or kids at home, or if you sometimes work remotely from coffee shops, having quality noise-canceling headphones is essential. Check out this list of the best headphones of 2019 and then queue this Spotify playlist to get yourself motivated for the work day.

    4. Multitask with multiple monitors.

    Having an extra screen or two on your desk is helpful for researching, comparing data, streaming videos, or really any form of multitasking associated with work. Add one of these top rated monitors of 2019 to your home office and you’ll never look back!

    5. Protect your gear from power surges with UPS.

    A power surge from lightning outside or even from appliances inside can fry your laptop and cost you valuable data and documents. One way to protect your tech from power surges is to use an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS). A UPS is a device that provides your technology with emergency power when the main source of power fails. It’s kind of like a back-up generator, but only for your computer. You can shop for UPS at a wide variety of price points here. Stick to well-known brands with plenty of positive reviews.

    Need some help upgrading to the best new tech for your home office? Call Buzz Electrical!

    If you want to install electrical upgrades like smart lighting or whole-house surge protection in your home office, our team at Buzz Electrical can help. Call today for prompt and polite electrical service from our team!

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