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  • The Best Smart Home Products in 2019


  • The Best Smart Home Products in 2019

    June 28, 2019

    Best Smart Home Products in 2019

    As technology gets smarter, our lives get easier. Electronics can now help your drive your car, clean your floors, turn on your lights with voice command, and so much more.

    Are you curious about the latest and greatest smart technology? Check out some of the best smart home products in 2019 recommended by our team at Buzz Electrical!

    Smart Plugs

    It’s important to turn off your lights and electronics when you aren’t using them so that they won’t continue to use up energy and raise your utility bills. But have you ever climbed into bed and started to fall asleep, only to remember that you accidentally left something plugged in on the opposite side of the room?

    With smart plugs, you will never have to disrupt your relaxation again. Simply sync up your smart plugs with your Amazon Echo or Google Home, and you can turn the power to the plugs on or off with voice command.

    Smart Thermostat

    Another one of our favorite smart home products are smart thermostats. With products like Nest, Ecobee, or Honeywell Lyric, you can control your home temperature from anywhere with wi-fi. Enter settings into your smart phone or use voice commands to raise and lower the temperature anywhere in your house.

    Many smart thermostats can also learn your behavior patterns and adjust your temperature settings for when you are at home vs. when you are at work or school. This saves lots of energy, and can significantly lower your utility bills.

    Smart Doorbell

    In 2019, not too many of us want to answer the door anymore. With a smart doorbell, you can find out exactly who is outside your house without even having to peek through a window!

    Doorbells like Ring work in tandem with Alexa on Amazon Echo to announce when someone is outside your door with a notification. You can turn on a video camera and see who is outside, and you can even hear and speak to visitors without opening the door. Smart doorbells have redefined home security.

    Robot Vacuum

    There’s almost nothing less fun than cleaning. But if you invest in a Roomba Robot Vacuum, you can sit back and relax while something else cleans for you!

    Not only does the Roomba move around the house and clean your floor automatically, it also learns the map of your floorplan so that it can clean every inch thoroughly. Worried about your Roomba ramming into the furniture? It has sensors to help it avoid solid objects like walls and coffee tables. Now you can use the time you would have spent vacuuming to do things you enjoy (or simply take a nap).

    Are you still curious about the best smart home products in 2019?

    If you need product recommendations or have questions about setting up your smart home electronics, Buzz Electrical can help! Give us a call any time and talk to one of our friendly electricians.

    Do you have a favorite smart home product? Tell us all about it in the comments below, or on Facebook!

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