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  • 5 Books About Electricity for Kids


  • 5 Books About Electricity for Kids

    April 12, 2019

    books about electricity for kids

    Electrify your life with reading! April 7 – 13 is National Library Week. We want to encourage our customers to participate and enrich their lives with great books.

    One of the best ways to enjoy reading is by sharing it with your whole family. We’ve compiled a list of five books about electricity for kids that work as a useful safety tool and a fun bonding experience for parents and teachers alike.

    Next time your family visits the local library, check out one of these books and start a conversation about electrical safety with your kids.

    1. The Magic School Bus and the Electric Field Trip by Joanna Cole

    Have you ever wanted to see electricity up close and in action? Mrs. Frizzle shrinks down the Magic School Bus so that her students can! Kids reading The Magic School Bus and the Electric Field Trip will learn how electrical current travels through a town and powers technology inside a home. It’s a great introduction to the science behind electricity filled with fun characters and elaborate illustrations.

    2. How Does My Home Work? by Chris Butterworth

    For kids who are beginning to grasp the concept of electricity in the home, this book answers lots of specific questions. How Does My Home Work? travels within the walls and floors of a typical house and illustrates electricity, plumbing, and natural gas to help kids understand what powers their homes. This book also introduces kids to the concept of saving energy whenever they can to help make the planet a better place.

    3. See Inside Energy by Alice James

    This interactive book is full of flaps to lift up and links for websites to visit to help kids understand more about the way energy travels on our planet. See Inside Energy not only teaches kids about energy within their own homes, but also gives them a bigger picture about where that energy comes from.

    4. Oscar and the Bird: A Book About Electricity by Geoff Waring

    Oscar the kitten is pretty curious about electricity. His friend Bird knows all about how it works and how to avoid dangers. Oscar and the Bird not only helps kids understand more about how electricity is stored, it also teaches them to how to stay safe from electrical hazards.

    5. The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind by William Kamkwamba

    Author William Kamkwamba tells the moving story of his journey to provide electricity for his family in rural Malawi by building his own wind mill. The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind describes his determination in the face of adversity and demonstrates the way inventiveness can impact an entire community. This is an excellent read for both children and adults!

    We hope you enjoy these books about electricity for kids!

    At Buzz Electrical, we believe that when kids understand the fundamental concepts behind electricity better, it helps them stay safer. We hope you enjoy reading these books together as a family on National Library Week! Do you have any books about electricity for kids that you love? Tell us all about them in the comments below, or on Facebook!

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