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  • 8 Pet Fire Safety Tips


  • 8 Pet Fire Safety Tips

    July 5, 2019

    8 Pet Fire Safety Tips

    Fire prevention might come naturally to you as a homeowner, and even as a parent. Setting some ground rules for fire safety is a critical component in every household. But have you ever stopped to consider your furry friends who don’t know the rules?

    National Pet Fire Safety Day is coming up on July 15. We want to help raise awareness about how to keep your critters safe.

    According to the National Fire Protection Association, pets accidentally start around 750 home fires per year. When you consider fire and electrical safety at home, it is important to take preventative measures for your pets too! Here are 8 pet fire safety tips from our team at Buzz Electrical.

    Indoor Pet Fire Safety Tips

    1. Never leave an open flame unattended.

    This includes candles, grills, log fires, etc. Since pets are naturally curious, they might try to interact with the fire. Your pet could easily get burned or knock something over and start a house fire.

    2. Secure stove knobs.

    If your cat likes to jump up on the kitchen counter or your dog can turn door handles, you might want to secure your stove knobs. You can get inexpensive childproof stove knob covers online.

    3. Secure electrical cords.

    Electrical cords could easily resemble rubber chew toys to your pets. And if they create cracks and tears in the rubber insulation, they could be electrocuted or start an electrical fire. Keep cords out of reach for pets just like you would for small children.

    4. Create a pet proof safe room.

    If you have young or especially hyper pets, make sure they have a safe place to go when you leave the house. Create a space for them without any risks for fire, electrocution, or destruction.

    5. Keep collars and leashes close to the door.

    If you need to evacuate your home during an emergency, you will save precious time if you can easily locate leashes for your pets. You can even hang them on their own special hooks to make it easy to remember where to hang them up.

    Outdoor Pet Fire Safety Tips

    6. Prepare a fire evacuation plan.

    Emergencies create lots of fear and confusion. It helps to have a plan in place ahead of time for evacuating your pets. Assigning a pet to each family member or practicing with pet “fire drills” can be helpful solutions.

    7. Don’t use glass bowls on wooden decks.

    It might sound strange, but sunlight and glass can actually start a fire on your deck or porch. If the sun’s rays strike the glass bowl at just the right angle, they can ignite the wood below. Stick to metal or rubber food and water bowls for your pets outside.

    8. Get fire alert window decals.

    Stick some emergency decals on your windows to help firefighters figure out how many pets are inside your home. This speeds up their rescue and can save your pets’ lives in an emergency.

    We hope these pet fire safety tips help protect your furry friends!

    Pets often feel like genuine members of the family, and they can be just as wily as toddlers. When you follow pet fire safety guidelines, you can prevent harm and house fires.

    If you have any questions about fire and electrical safety in your home, give our Buzz Electrical team a call at 479-267-2899!