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  • 5 Books About Smart Home Technology


  • 5 Books About Smart Home Technology

    August 2, 2019

    Books About Smart Home Technology

    Did you know? National Book Lovers Day is coming up on August 9! We love to encourage our customers to read, so we’ve rounded up a few books about one of our favorite topics: smart home technology.

    If you are curious about the history of smart home technology or you want to learn more about its pros and cons, we’ve got the reading materials you need. Here are five books about smart home technology selected by our team at Buzz Electrical.

    1. The Smart Smart Home Handbook: Control Your Home with Your Voice

    Author: Adam Juniper

    The Smart Smart Home Handbook is a great resource for anyone who wants to add some smart home devices around the house or yard.  Covering everything from robotic lawnmowers to voice-activated lighting, this book is designed to help readers save time and money as they embrace smart home tech.

    2. Smarter Homes: How Technology Will Change Your Home Life

    Author: Alexandra Deschamps-Sonsino

    For anyone who is curious about the history behind smart homes, Smarter Homes will make a fascinating read. This book helps readers understand all of the societal, political, and historical factors involved in smart home technology. It also uses current projects to predict how our lives could change in the next 10 years and technology continues to advance.

    3. How to Make Your Home a Smart Home

    Author: Stuart Hamilton

    If you are looking for a practical guide to help you choose which smart home products are right for your lifestyle, this is the book for you. How to Make Your Home a Smart Home walks you through product selection, set up, and daily use.

    4. My Smart Home for Seniors

    Author: Michael Miller

    For seniors who didn’t grow up with computers and smart phones, technology can be extra confusing. My Smart Home for Seniors is perfect for older adults who want to embrace new technology, but need an extra helping hand along the way. Sometimes seniors move into a new home and inherit pre-installed smart home technology without a clue how to use it. This book is the perfect guide for anyone age 50+ who has a smart home system.

    5. The Smart Home Book: Simple Ideas to Assist with Your Smart Home Renovation

    Authors: Andrew Howe

    Even if you’re not a senior citizen, you might still find smart home integration intimidating. The Smart Home Book makes your renovation goals simple. It breaks down everything you need to do to make your smart home dreams a reality, and it offers a long list of creative smart home upgrades.

    Looking for more books about smart home technology?

    If you still want to read more about modern smart homes, check out Emerging Technology Trends by Aditi Agarwal.

    For a list of the best smart home products in 2019, check out our blog! And if you decide a smart home is right for you, call Buzz Electrical any time for prompt and friendly service.

    Family owned and operated Buzz Electrical is Fayetteville’s leading electrical company! If you are interested in installing smart home technology in your Arkansas home, we are here to help. Give us a call at (479) 267-2899.