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  • Swimming Pool Safety Rules


  • Swimming Pool Safety Rules

    July 12, 2019

    Swimming Pool Safety Rules

    It’s finally summer, and you no longer have to feel guilty about letting your pool go un-used. Your household, your friends, and your extended family are finally taking advantage of your backyard and spending time in the pool.

    However, pool safety is imperative. If swimming pool safety rules aren’t created, and followed, the pool can be one of the most dangerous locations in a home.

    The Buzz Electrical crew is dedicated to keeping your family safe this summer. So, our team has assembled this list of suggested swimming pool safety rules.

    1. No Electrical Appliances Near Pool

    Electricity and water don’t mix. While you might be tempted to bring speakers, phone chargers, or other electronics near the pool, these present a huge danger to your family and friends. Be vigilant, and make sure that there are no electronics near the pool. This will greatly reduce the risk of electric shock faced by swimmers.

    2. Pool Lights on When Swimming at Night

    Pool lights are one of the most effective safety technologies on the market today. LED in-pool lights illuminate the steps, contours, and features of a pool, as well as other swimmers. Establish a pool rule with your guests and family that the in-pool lights will go on at sunset. This will prevent serious head injuries and scrapes.

    3. No Riding Tools Near Pool

    You should always be prepared to enter the pool. When riding tools like bikes, scooters, and toy cars are allowed on a pool deck, there is a chance that they will accidentally be ridden into the pool.

    If this occurs, there is a high risk of drowning, head injuries, and cuts and scrapes.

    4. No One Swims Alone

    Swimming alone exponentially increases your risk of drowning. Even if only one person wants to swim, establish a pool rule that someone else must be present on the pool deck to monitor their safety. Ensure there is always someone present who can provide help, or call for help, in the case of an emergency.

    5. Regularly Maintain Your Pool

    Over time, water causes wear and tear on pool rails, lights, intake vents, and no-slip surfaces. Before the first cannonball, take some time to check the status of your pool and its features.

    Make sure your pool lights are well-sealed and receive power, verify that your rails aren’t rusted, bring your pool to the right chemical balance, and be sure that the no-slip surfaces on slides, diving boards, and decks are still effective.

    6. Make Sure the Outside of the Pool is Well-Lit

    In-pool lights are an excellent safety feature, but you shouldn’t neglect the lights outside your pool either. In the dark, it is difficult to see plants, tables, chairs, planters, and the edge of features like spas and fountains.

    Invest in ground-level lights and lights on the exterior of your home to illuminate the entirety of your backyard.

    We hope you find these swimming pool safety rules helpful!

    If you need to enhance your pool’s safety with in-pool or outdoor lighting, contact a professional electrician. The Buzz Electrical team would be happy to help you and your family have a safe and fun summer by installing or updating outdoor lighting. Call us at 479-267-2899 or schedule your service online.